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02nd Aug 2022

Tourist horrified after finding Airbnb plantation ‘slave cabin’ described as ‘elegant’

Kieran Galpin


One review called the cabin ‘elegant’

A man was horrified upon discovering that Airbnb had listed a refurbished “slave cabin” on their website, with someone holidaymakers dubbing it “elegant.”

Wynton Yates shared the recent story on TikTok, where he revealed that the property in Greenville, Mississippi, still sits next to the “big house” where guests are welcome to go to eat.

One review said the stay was “historic, but elegant.”

@lawyerwynton #airbnb this is not ok. #history #civilrights #americanhistory ♬ Blade Runner 2049 – Synthwave Goose

On TikTok, Yates said: “This is not okay, not in the least bit. I know people will be saying you’re looking for controversy where it doesn’t exist, no – this is an 1830s slave cabin that is up on Airbnb as a bed and breakfast.

“How do I know this is slave quarters other than just using my eyes and looking at it? Well, they say it in the listing – ‘this particular structure, the Panther Burn Cabin, is an 1830s slave cabin from the Panther Burn Plantation’.

“How is this ok in someone’s mind to rent this out, a place where human beings were kept as slaves?”

@lawyerwynton Replying to @tonimadeit it appears that @airbnb has removed the rental listing for the slave quarters #history #civilrights #americanhistory ♬ original sound – Lawyer Wynton

The property is owned by a man named Brad, who is a “super host” on Airbnb, which, according to the website, is “a shining example of how a Host should be.”

Yates said that what “really kills” him is the reviews, with one saying the stay was “memorable” at the “sharecroppers’ cabin.”

They did, however, eat in the main house.

“A slave cabin is elegant?” Yates questioned. “The history of slavery in this country is constantly denied but now it’s being mocked by being turned into a luxurious holiday spot.”

@lawyerwynton Replying to @Shelby Taylor they actually moved it from the original plantation to where it is now #civilrights #blackhistory #americanhistory #history ♬ Blade Runner 2049 – Synthwave Goose

In a later update, Yates revealed that the cabin had been moved from another plantation specifically to house Airbnb guests.

The video has since been viewed over 2.6 million times, with most of the comments sharing the man’s disgust.

“Why does everything turn into Disneyland,” one person wrote. “I’ve gotta get out of this place.”

An Airbnb spokesperson told The Mirror, “Properties that formerly housed the enslaved have no place on Airbnb.”

They continued: “We apologize for any trauma or grief created by the presence of this listing, and others like it, and that we did not act sooner to address this issue.”

The spokesperson also removed the property in question, and the business as a whole is “working with experts to develop new policies that address other properties associated with slavery.”

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