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02nd Aug 2022

The horrifying reality of what the last selfies on Earth will look like, according to AI

Simon Bland


We’ve all looked better, to be honest

A TikToker has asked an art-based AI generator to predict what the last selfies ever taken on Earth might look like after an apocalypse hits – and the results are freaking people out.

This artificial intelligence-based nightmare creator was entitled Dall.E Mini but has recently been rebranded to Craiyon – a title that’s perhaps a little too cheery considering the terrors it specialises in dreaming up.

The software is essentially an image generator that scans and pulls from all corners of the human-being-populated World Wide Web in order to make realistic photos based on user-generated text prompts.

So far, it’s conjured everything from zombies, extreme weather, the inside of black holes and even what the end of the universe might look like – each inspired by our own digital insecurities.

Now, another Tiktok user going by the handle @RobotOverloards has asked what the last selfies on Earth will look like after an apocalypse event destroys everything. They’ve even shared Craiyon’s eerie results across three equally-disturbing videos.

@robotoverloards Asking an Ai to show the last selfie ever taken #creepy#scary#ai#midjourney#dalle2 #foryoupage ♬ It’s Just a Burning Memory – The Caretaker

Doesn’t look like it ends well for us, does it?

@robotoverloards Asking an Ai to show the last selfie ever taken Part: 2 #horror#scary#ai#dalle2 #midjourney #foryoupage ♬ It’s Just a Burning Memory – The Caretaker

Bit confusing though. We must be having a nice time because we’re taking a selfie, right?

@robotoverloards Asking an Ai to show the last selfie ever taken in the apocalypse Part: 3 #apocalypse#scary#horror#foryoupage #fyp #ai#midjourney #dalle2 ♬ It’s Just a Burning Memory – The Caretaker

As you can see in the video above, when the end finally does arrive – we’ll all be looking a little worse for wear, according to artificial intelligence predictions.

A free-to-use online tool, Craiyon created these mock-ups by searching for images with titles associated to the terms used to generate the picture in question. In this case, the AI will have searched for pictures that are named things like ‘Apocalypse’ and ‘Selfie’ – and created its visions accordingly.

As you might imagine, people in the comment section of @RobotOverloards’ videos were rightly a bit freaked out – yet some still managed to find the humour amid the darkness.

“felt cute, might delete later” said one.

“Day 3 without morbius” said a second, making a crack about the recent Morbin’ memes that followed in the wake of Jared Leto’s slated vampire movie.

“No one: the apocalypse happening: this random dude in the middle of a nuclear warfare: *takes selfie* offered a third.

“it makes me upset to know there are going to be people there to actually experience when humanity falls,” said another, harshly bringing us all back down to Earth.

They’ve got a point, though.

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