TikTok trying to free convicted killer because he's 'too cute' 11 months ago

TikTok trying to free convicted killer because he's 'too cute'

Cameron Herrin- He's just too pretty to jail says TikTok

Cameron Herrin was sentenced in April 2021 to twenty-four years in prison after pleading guilty to killing Jessica Raubenolt and her 20-month-old daughter Lillia by hitting them with his Ford Mustang while racing.


But following his trial, for which he recieved a penalty six years less than the maximum, social media accounts reading 'justice for Cameron' sprung up. Though you would initially think that there was something unjust about the trial, the new movement is actually because Cameron is 'too cute' to jail.


His dark fluffy hair, dark eyes, and jawline have earned him a loyal band of supporters willing to look the other way because he is attractive.

Officials initially believed that the posts were coming from bot accounts, however, since the claims the individuals have begun tweeting alongside #wearehuman.


"We demand justice for Cameron that he is wronged and his case must be reconsidered," Tweeted one supporter.

"All of you are living your lives and continuing your way except for this boy after 24 years. What will he have other than childhood memories and memories of the accident? No job, no wife, no children, justice please, I only ask for justice for Cameron Hearn," tweeted another.

Though many have expressed their sadness that Herrin repeatedly made stupid decisions, they also believe in justice. His idiotic actions cost a mother and her young baby their lives, and we do not currently live in a world where your biceps can save you from a prison sentence.


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"We want justice for Cameron, for this person who was stripped of his most basic rights, who gave up everything and pleaded guilty in exchange for the judge's mercy. He expected fairness and justice, but was stunned by injustice and abuse of power."

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