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16th Jul 2023

TikTok of woman ‘frozen in time’ is ‘proof’ we’re living in The Matrix

Charlie Herbert

TikTok of woman 'frozen in time' is 'proof' we're living in a simulation

Even her clothes and hair were frozen…

TikTokers believe we’ve been handed proof that we’re living in a simulation after a video showed a woman ‘frozen in time.’

In the clip shared on the platform last week, the woman could be seen walking away from the camera along a residential street.

But for a couple of seconds, she isn’t, and is stuck mid-stride.

Even her hair seems stop moving, as if she has been frozen in time.

The man filming the bizarre scene can be heard saying: “Why is she frozen?”

He then adds “Bruh, I’m trippin'” when the woman suddenly bursts back into action.

In the caption, the man claims the woman had been frozen like that for “a minute before” he started filming.

Since it was uploaded last week, the video has been viewed 4.9 million times and racked up more than 470,000 likes along with thousands of bemused comments.

One person wrote: “Sometimes I think we’ve slipped into a different dimension.”

Another said: “We’re in a simulation.”

A third commented: “The way the wind isn’t even moving her clothes or hair but it’s all just stuck completely frozen.”

And a fourth joked that she “disconnected for a sec.”

Some did have logical explanations for the bizarre clip, with one person suggesting the TikTok was a “paused video of a video.”

But doubt was cast over this theory by someone else, who replied: “No because a car is still driving by in the beginning when she’s frozen.”

And other lamented the TikToker for not running over and asking the woman what had happened.

“We need her perspective on this,” one wrote.

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