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09th May 2016

This Year 2 maths SATs question is making adults very confused and angry

Are teachers trying to ruin people's lives now?

Jordan Gold

Adults are (wrongly) insisting that they know the correct answer to this maths problem.

You left school a while ago – thank Christ – and you haven’t had to think about Venn Diagrams, fractions or algebra ever since. Until today, that is…

Twitter user Louise Bloxham has confounded many people online by sharing an image of an actual Year 2 maths paper which seems to have set the internet on fire.

Seems easy at first.

It isn’t.

What do you think the answer is?

Simple. 65, right?


Apparently, it’s 46.

“How?” we hear you shouting at your laptop…

Thing is – it’s a red herring; the second line about the 19 people is irrelevant. Take away 17 from 63 – that’s what the question is asking.


Still, a brutally cruel trick to play on students whose careers might one day depend on it.

Maybe we need to reform education. Something needs to happen, because this problem could tear the nation apart.

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