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17th Aug 2015

There’s a strange new theory about why our eyes flicker during sleep

It's a sleep learning curve...


A group of scientists have discovered the reason why our eyes flicker while we sleep…

Previously it was thought that REM (Rapid Eye Movement, not the band) was caused by looking around during your dreams. Other theories connect it to oxygen touching your cornea and the brain reacting.

A new study in the scientific journal Nature Communications suggests that these eye movements are actually caused by a scene in our dream changing.

That sounds like some inception sh*t going on in our heads lads…

By using electrodes (or witchcraft) to target specific parts of our brain, researchers found that the just after the sleeper’s eyes flickered under his eyelids, the part of the brain associated with processing a change in image or scene came to life.

The research was conducted over four years on 19 patients and the findings have left us marvelling at what goes on in our heads whilst we nap.

Hat-tip to The Independent.