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06th Jan 2017

The secret ingredient inside Kit Kats is not what we expected

Mind blown!

Laura Holland

Kit Kats are one of the most underrated chocolate bars around.

What’s not to like – they are covered in delicious Nestlé chocolate, have the right amount of crunch and they taste so good.

The special taste has always come down to the extra layer in between the wafers. You’ve probably never given it much thought but the makers of the bar have just come clean about the secret ingredient that goes in those layers and it is mad.

We’ve always thought it was just another layer of chocolate but it turns out it’s crushed Kit Kats. They take all the broken Kit Kats that haven’t survived the process, blend them all up and use them for the filling.

A BBC Two documentary Inside the Factory went behind the scenes in the factory and found this out. When presenter Gregg Wallace asked what happened to the broken Kit Kats, or the offcuts as they’re called, the factory worker said:

“They go into re-work, where they’re used for the fillings for the wafer.”

So it’s a Kit Kat within a Kit Kat.

It does make you wonder though, what was the first ever Kit Kat made of if they didn’t have broken ones to use.