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01st Oct 2023

Scientists are ‘absolutely certain’ aliens exist in our Solar System

Joseph Loftus

And they’re likely to be on Venus

A NASA scientist is absolutely certain that alien life is out there, and not only just out there, but in our own Solar System.

Dr Michelle Thaller, research scientist at US-based Goddard Space Flight Centre.

She says that “possible signs of life’ have already been seen within the carbon-dioxide filled atmosphere, adding that she was absolutely certain that life exists somewhere.

She explained:”We see possible signs of life in the atmosphere of Venus. I never expected Venus. Venus is now one where we see something in the atmosphere that looks very much like it could be produced by bacteria.”

Getty Images

However while Venus seems drastically different to our own pretty planet, it has actually be described as ‘Earth’s twin’ due to it being a similar size and structure.

Astronomers believe that it is completely impossible for humans to exist on Venus.

Positioned JUST 67 million miles from the Sun, Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system where temperatures can reach 475 degrees celcius.

Despite this, scientists have often debated if microbial lifeforms could live in Venus’ clouds, surviving off sulfur, methane, and iron.

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