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01st Feb 2016

PICS: Man plays REALLY cruel prank on his mother using the new Snapchat filters

Carl Kinsella

Forgive us for laughing.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Snapchat, or just haven’t seen the new updates, there are new filters that allow you to distort your face in weird ways so that you look like something out of an Aphex Twin music video.

One young man by the name of Jules Hopcraft decided to take advantage of his mother’s complete lack of knowledge of these filters and give her something close to an aneurysm. Kids can be so cruel…ly hilarious.

jules1 jules2

jules 3


If you don’t feel for that guy’s mother then you’ve got a heart of stone. Nevertheless, this is far and away the best use of Snapchat we’ve seen in a long time.