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18th Apr 2023

Passive aggressive tipping technique leaves people furious

Charlie Herbert

Passive aggressive tipping technique has left people furious

Never do this

How much of a tip to leave your server – and sometimes whether or not to leave a tip at all – can be a source of great debate at times when out for a meal. But if you do it like this, you’re definitely in the wrong.

Many of us will leave a tip after enjoying a meal out, a kind gesture of thanks to waiting staff who are often being paid little more than the minimum wage.

A lot of establishments now take the choice out of the customers’ hands by automatically adding a tip, perhaps as a result of so few of us carrying cash around nowadays.

And perhaps this is for the best if some people were tipping like this in the past.

A post on Facebook a few years ago showed how one person decided to start their meal by placing five one dollar notes on the table. Then, as the meal progressed, they would remove one dollar from the tabel for each mistake their server made.

Whatever was left on the table at the end of the meal was the tip the person would leave.

They claimed it was a guaranteed way to get the “best service of your life”, but many saw it for what it really was: an incredibly passive aggressive way to tip, and quite simply a d**k move.

The tipping technique was shared on Facebook

The technique obviously puts the server under huge amounts of stress and scrutiny and is pretty much intended as a power play by the customer as a weird way to try and assert some authority over the poor waiter.

This is before you even come to the fact that $5, which works out at about £4 today, is a pretty measly amount to tip, before you even start removing money from the pot.

The person was roundly slammed for the method, with one person labelling it a “c*** act” that only “sad trashy people” would do.

A waitress said only “condescending ba*****s” would do this and promised she would try her hardest to make your food “unenjoyable” if you did this.

They added that takes no effort to be polite and it’s the least you can do to someone working in a physically and mentally taxing job.

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