Nando's are giving away free chicken for A-Level students 4 years ago

Nando's are giving away free chicken for A-Level students

Unless you're Ed Sheeran or another famous Nando's fan, it's unlikely that you're gonna be seeing much free peri-peri chicken.

One exception in recent years has been A-Level students, who Nando's have graciously provided with free chicken on Results Day. Well guess what, A-Level students? It's happening agaaaiiiiin!


Yes, that is correct. On August 17 (Or August 8 in Scotland - that's this Tuesday!), if you roll into a Nando's with your results papers, some ID and spend a minimum of £7, you can get a free ¼ chicken or starter.

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Unfortunately the 'Fire-starters' don't include Wing Roulette or All Together Now, but you can't complain: you're getting free chicken!

What better way to celebrate your amazing results/try to forget your shocking results/shrug at your entirely average results with than some free chicken?

And then, with your free chicken in your belly and your results in your hand, you can enter the world as an adult. Savour the taste of the chicken, because that's the last good thing that's going to happen.


Just kidding. Or are we? It's hard to know when you're this jaded.