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24th Dec 2016

Muslim YouTuber captures Christmas spirit with support for the homeless in this moving video

Showing goodwill to all men,

Tom Victor

For many of us, Christmas is a time where we look forward to seeing family and friends, exchanging gifts and enjoying festive food.

Many are less fortunate, however, with thousands of people reported sleeping rough in the UK every year according to Crisis.

In response to the country’s homelessness problem, YouTuber Nubaid Haroon – also known as ‘Rambo’ – spent last Christmas giving presents to people who found themselves out on the streets.

Haroon, who is Muslim and whose family doesn’t get involved in the same level of Christmas celebrations as many, has been spreading goodwill again this festive season, spending time talking to some of London’s homeless people and providing them with a hot meal in the form of free pizza.

He shared this video on YouTube, and spoke to JOE about how his actions have also inspired others to give something back.

“[Last year’s video] was the first video I’ve done with the homeless,” says Haroon, who is 24 and lives in London after growing up in Leeds.

“It was something that came out of the blue when I saw a suited man throw a sandwich in the bin next to a homeless man having only taken one bite out of it.

“I’ve been credited by around 7 videos already this year where people have gone and done the same thing that I did last year and pointed to my video last year as their inspiration which has been nice.”

Before moving to London, he admits that he wasn’t too aware of the level of homelessness in the UK, but that has changed with him spending time in the capital.

Among the people he speaks to in this year’s video are Rob, who is ready to “start [his] life again” after finding a job, and Adam, who says he is on the streets in London because “there are no bad memories here”.

“In recent times, I’ve become really aware of [homelessness] and it’s frightening how many homeless people there are right now but it’s not being taken very seriously,” Haroon admits.

rambo2Image via YouTube/RamboFYI

Haroon’s family will come together this Christmas, with a Christmas tree (largely for the benefit of younger family members) and a meal that “we call Christmas Dinner but it isn’t actually”.

And he tells us he is pleased to see positive gestures from other Muslims in the UK, such as the Muslim-owned Shish Restaurant in Sidcup offering free meals on Christmas Day in an effort to ensure ‘no one eats alone’.

“I think people are becoming a little more aware of the homeless situation in the UK and to see so many Muslims offering a helping hand in this time where Muslims are being seen in a bad light,” he says.

“It’s inspirational for me, it makes me want to do more for the homeless.”

This year’s video has had a “steady reception” already, he adds, adding that he is just happy with what it stands for.

After all, as Haroon tells us, he is “Just a dude trying to do good things”.

You can watch Nubaid Haroon’s Christmas 2015 video below.