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21st Jul 2023

Mums go on 12-hour trip to Ibiza for £34 and get back for school run

Steve Hopkins

‘You feel refreshed after 12-hours in the sunshine’

A group of mums travelled to Ibiza for a 12-hour-long holiday after bagging return flights for just £34 – and returned in time for the school run.

Rebecca Rattcliff, 38, decided she needed a day in the sun with her group of mum chums – Laura, Danielle, Danielle, Lauren and Fay.

Due to childcare commitments and working on Monday, the six women had just one day free together and had to fly to and from Ibiza in just 12 hours.

They flew out of Manchester Airport just after 6am and returned from Ibiza airport at 11pm on the same day – making it back in time for the Monday morning school run.

The six friends had the ultimate “Sunday Funday” filled with sunbathing, cocktails and good food.

This isn’t the first time Rebecca has gone on a one-day holiday after travelling to Lanzarote for the day in January 2023.

The travel consultant, from Manchester, said: “I have four children and between the six of us we have 15 children.

“We were keen to look for a good deal and everybody loves the Ibiza sunshine.

“We found Ryanair flights on Skyscanner, and we knew for everyone to be able to come it had to be that Sunday.”

The group booked the flights in February and flew out on Sunday 26 March. Going on a day trip also saved the group splashing out on baggage allowance as they only had to bring a handbag each.

They paid £10 each for a return minibus to Manchester Airport.

They were picked up by Ibiza by a transfer company – paying £23 each to travel around the island.

They started with brunch at Passion Cafe in Ibiza Town and then went to San Antonio bay to “explore around the marina”.

Rebecca said: “Quite a lot of the shops were shut but it was scenic and beautiful.

“We had cocktails overlooking the marina and then the transfer picked us up and drove us to San Antonio bay.”

The group sunbathed on the beach using biodegradable towels that roll up into your handbag and expand when wet.

She added: “We ended up doing 26,000 steps just exploring and then we went for a beautiful dinner at a place called Bresca.”

The ladies then watched the sunset at Café Mambo and were picked up to go back to the airport.

“We had to be back at the airport for 8.15pm for our flight at 10pm but there was a 40-minute delay.

“We also had no idea what time it was because of the clocks changing.”

The mums arrived back in Manchester the early hours of Monday morning – ready for work and the school run.

Rebecca added: “We were so blessed with the weather – the sky was cloudless.

“It was such a good day – I spent time in gorgeous company with supportive female friends all on the mum journey together.

“It was a blissful day off to treasure and we all felt we’d been there longer than a day.

“You feel refreshed after 12 hours in the sunshine.”

As an expert in one day trips abroad, Rebecca has plans to partner up with travel companies to offer one-day trips to other women.

Timeline of their day:

1.30am – Wake up

6am – Flight to Ibiza

10am – Brunch in Ibiza town

Midday – Cocktail time

1.15pm – Arrive in San Antonio

6pm – Dinner time at Bresca

7pm – Sunset at Cafe Mambo

11pm – Flight back to Manchester

1.15am – Arrive back in the UK

6.30am – Up for the school run

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