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30th Mar 2023

37-year-old man has six wives and is planning to have babies with each one

Callum Boyle

‘I don’t want to make any of my wives upset’

A Brazilian man with six wives has revealed that he is planning to have children with each one of them.

Arthur O Urso, 37, is involved in a polygamous relationship with all six women.

O Urso is married to: 27-year-old Luana Kazaki; Emelly Souza, 21; Valquíria Santos, 24; Olinda Maria, 51; Damiana, 23; and Amanda Albuquerque, 28.

He had initially been married to ten women in total, but that group has since downsized.

Arthur already has one 10-year-old daughter from a previous relationship but in order to maintain a healthy relationship with his current partners, wants to have children with each of them.

“I don’t want to make any of my six wives upset by choosing which one gets pregnant first, so we’ve opted for surrogacy,” he told

“I’ve never been through anything like this, so it’s the first time.

“We’re very anxious, but excited to make this dream of having a baby come true.”

All six women are on board with the idea however five of them took some convincing to agree to the plans.

He added: “In the beginning, it was a very delicate subject, especially as I want a child with each of [them]. “But that will be later on – at the moment, the best decision is surrogacy.

“[Currently], we are looking for someone who can be our surrogate and we want someone who gives us confidence.

“As we are still in demand, we haven’t spent anything so far.”

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