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01st Mar 2023

Mother carries out brutal revenge on neighbours who left dog poo and used condoms in her garden

Charlie Herbert

After initially being patient with her new neighbours, relations quickly deteriorated

A woman has detailed how she decided to take revenge on her nightmare neighbours after they kept throwing rubbish – including condoms – into her garden.

The mother-of-one, 47, from Coventry, explained to the Sun she had been living in the same house for decades when a new family moved in next door years ago.

The e-commerce strategist – who gave herself the fake name Annette – explained how the new residents were noisy from the offset.

But, in true British fashion, she was patient with them and didn’t raise the issue, assuming then noise would lessen once the family had settled in and made themselves at home.

On one evening shortly after the family had moved in, Annette noticed the mother had left her car lights on, so did the neighbourly thing and knocked on the door to let them know.

When the mother responded in a “rude manner”, Annette decided to keep herself to herself and stay out of the family’s way.

But not long after this, the woman’s son damaged Annette’s fence whilst drunk, leaving Annette with a £800 bill to foot.

And things only got worse from there.

Their dog started to use Annette’s garden as a toilet and they began chucking rubbish and condoms into her garden.

Despite her polite requests for them to stop and her attempts to return the rubbish over the fence, the nightmare neighbours didn’t relent, prompting Annette to take drastic action.

One summer day, she “grabbed a handful of their dog’s poo”, walked round to the neighbours’ and “wiped it all over their front door.”

Along with working it into every nook and cranny, Annette also shoved some through the letterbox.

It was a summer’s day as well, so she the home “absolutely stank” by the morning.

But, lo and behold, the neighbours clearly got the message, and their awful behaviour stopped.

Annette is is clearly not a neighbour to be pushed too far, as she later feuded with a couple who moved in with their baby and started putting their baby’s dirty nappies in Annette’s bins.

The mother apparently tried to blame other parents when Annette confronted her, but Annette was convinced it was her.

So, after having a “fair amount to drink” on a night out with friends, Annette came back and took all the used nappies out of her bin and placed them on the couple’s doorstep.

The next morning, Annette says she took pleasure in watching the mother rolling her buggy over a pile of her baby’s dirty nappies.

Acknowledging that some people might think her actions were “extreme”, she added: “They thought they could intimidate me, they didn’t think I would fight back and what my choice of weapon would be.”

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