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16th Sep 2016

McDonald’s have opened a restaurant that won’t serve you any burgers or chips


Matt Tate

This is not your average McDonald’s story.

There’ll be no talk of all-you-can-eat fries here, and nothing about a fabled bigger Big Mac.

No, we’re here to tell you about a newly opened McDonald’s in France that won’t serve you burgers at all. There’s no McNuggets, no McMuffins, no milkshakes and no McFlurries – by far the biggest crime in all of this – to be seen. This McDonald’s is not the hangover sanctuary you’ve come to rely on so heavily throughout the years.

It’s a McCafe, and the one just opened in Paris sells sandwiches, bagels, croissants, cakes and coffee.

Typical breakfast fare, but take away the “Mc” in the title and it has little in common with its greasy fast food origins.

Ronald McDonald would never had stood for this.

The McCafe sub-brand has become increasingly important for ol’ Maccies as the company looks to expand its appeal. But in France they’ve really gone to town on the concept.

As French publication Le Figaro report: “Besides the name, nothing indicates that this restaurant belongs to the American chain. Especially since we do not find the attractions of McDonald’s: its burgers!”

You said it.

It’s too early to say whether or not the McCafe will take off. Le Figaro also made reference to a similar project in the French capital in 2010. That particular branch had an emphasis on salads, but it closed after a year. Maybe people just weren’t ready.

While we have nothing against a pain au chocolat in the morning, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with health-conscious eating, McDonald’s giving themselves a Parisian chic makeover is all just a bit too weird.

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