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05th Apr 2023

Man praised for telling passenger to move from train seat he had bought

Charlie Herbert

‘My anger issues could never’

A man has received praise online after he insisted that a person move from the train seat he had purchased.

The footage of the conversation between him and the passenger has gone viral after it was shared online, with many lauding him for doing what many of us simply don’t have the nerve to – but wish we did.

On April 1, TikTok user @mr_boris_becker shared a video of himself on a crowded train. In the clip, the TikToker approached a woman in an aisle seat and informed her that she was sitting in his seat.

“My place is 103,” he told the woman, referring to the seat number he had booked.

Instead of apologising and immediately moving though, the woman continued to sit in the seat and awkwardly laugh at the man, before having the audacity to suggest that he find another place to sit.

She then pointed towards empty seats at the front of the train, but the man was having none of it, replying: “It’s gonna be difficult. My place is 103 and I need my place. I’m so sorry.”

At this point, the woman said she “understands” and got up from the seat to collect her bags and move.

For some reason, another woman on the train seemed to take issue with the man for what he had done as she piped up from across the aisle.

But he stood his ground, pointing out that he should be able to sit in the seat he’d bought.

The woman who had been in the seat then walks off with a sarcastic: “I’ll give you your place.”

Since the video was posted on TikTok, it has been viewed more than seven million times, with thousands taking to the comments to praise the man for his actions, agreeing that he was in the right.

“I’ll NEVER understand why they don’t sit in their assigned places,” one person commented.

“The audacity of her asking him to find another seat while she’s sitting in the seat that he paid for,” another said.

“My anger issues could never,” joked someone else.

Others said there was no need for the man “apologising for wanting the seat he paid for” while another commended him for insisting on “keeping your place”.

“People will bully you out of your spot as if it’s not your spot,” they added.

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