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12th Jun 2023

Man goes on bachelor party to Ibiza – wakes up in airline overhead bin

Steve Hopkins

‘If this ain’t me leaving Ibiza I don’t want it’

Flying can be a pretty uncomfortable experience, but for one traveller conditions were a little more confined.

The unnamed traveller appeared to have woken up in an overhead storage bin on a flight leaving Ibiza.

In a video that has gone viral on TikTok, the man, dressed in Arsenal kit, can be seen appearing to sleep in the storage bins as the covers are pulled up. And then he casually rolls out.

The clip was posted by Australian house music producer Dominic Matheson, and as of Monday it was viewed more than 765,000 times.

“One minute you’re at the club in Ibiza, the next you wake up in the Ryanair overhead carriage,” reads the in-video caption.

Matheson added in the comments: “40 dudes at the back of the plane were having a TIME. They pushed their mate in there as the plane landed.”

Ryanair has said the incident did not occur on one of its flights.

Exactly when the passenger got into the storage bins is not clear, nor is how long he stayed there.

Several TikTok users were curious to find out the whole story, including “Why is he wearing a full Arsenal kit?”

“Why he gotta be in an arsenal kit? Clearly didn’t close just like the premier league,” another person added.

One user wrote: “Note to self: skip Ibiza.”

Another wrote: “I need to know everything about this story immediately.”

While another user was impressed the man had made it on the flight at all.

Another commenter wrote: “If this ain’t me leaving Ibiza I don’t want it.”