Man finds world’s longest Hula Hoop and wants it to be a ‘family heirloom’ 9 months ago

Man finds world’s longest Hula Hoop and wants it to be a ‘family heirloom’

The Hula Hoop will remain in the family

Sam Lightfoot, 26, has unknowingly broken a world record for the longest Hula Hoop ever found. Lightfoot goes as far to say that finding the snack was one of his biggest achievements.


The four-inch-long crisp is eight times the usual length, and only just fit inside the packet.

He said: "When I opened it I was like, “Whaaaaaat,” then I realised it was an extra-long Hula Hoop.

"I went and showed everyone. They were very impressed. Then I measured it."


Hula Hoop Via SWNS

He said: "It’s up there in the top 10, along with buying a house and a car.

"We’ve seen online that someone got £10,000 for a puffed-up Dorito they found, but we’re not planning to sell this – it’s too sentimental.


"I’ll probably keep it forever and hand it down through the family."

His 12-year-old cousin Maisie bought him the multi-pack the week before, so technically this find is down to her.

 "It’s Maisie’s achievement really, so it will probably stay here in Surrey."

Maisie said: "I feel proud to have picked it up, and pleased to have the longest hula hoop in my house."



But there is also growing concern for the Hula Hoop's wellbeing, given that the families dog Mylo has a particular love for savoury snacks.

"We’ve been worried about breaking it so we’re keeping it safe in its packet in the utility room," Said Sam.

Musician Stuart Hampton, 31 and from Darnhill in Greater Manchester, auctioned a 3-inch Hula Hoop for £712 in 2014, but the numbers have soared for other finds like a £10,000 Dorito.


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