Aldi are selling two metre long pigs in blanket for Christmas this year 1 year ago

Aldi are selling two metre long pigs in blanket for Christmas this year

It's social distancing complaint

Christmas is going to be a bit different this year, we all know that. But even if we can't see loved ones, we can still keep some of the normal traditions - like having pigs in blankets with your turkey.


And now, thanks to Aldi, you can even use the pigs in blankets to help with social distancing, as the discount supermarket is bringing back its two-metre-long version of the festive favourite.

This is a pig in blanket that, if stretched end to end, would be the same height as Peter Crouch

Aldi says the monster meat product "is the perfect fix for dinner tables this year," and will "impress guests with impeccably seasoned British pork and bacon, wound into a fantastic showstopper of a centrepiece."

It is available in-store from 3rd December, and costs £4.99.

That is not the only novelty pigs in blankets Aldi are doing though, as they are also launching various fancy, spicy and even vegan version.


The fanciest is the truffle version, with pork and truffle chipolatas wrapped bacon along with truffle oil and black truffles.


The Specially Selected Chorizo PIBs offer "an exciting combination of smoky, spiced chorizo wrapped in fine slices of sweet pancetta". There is also the 'Scorpion Chilli' version, which promises a bit of extra spice.

And for those looking to cut down on meat, there are the 'Plant Menu Vegan No Pigs in Blankets,' which consist of a meat-free pepper and herb vegan ‘pig’ hand-wrapped in crispy puff pastry.


Or if you want something different, Aldi are also doing halloumi wrapped in bacon version. Which technically isn't pigs in blankets, but still sound very tasty. 

What's that? That isn't enough? You want even more crazy pork-sausages-wrapped-in-bacon-based concoctions? Fancy cake company Pleesecake have made a pigs in blanket cheesecake.

Before you feel slightly sick, we should point out that this is a savoury cheesecake, which we can see going quite nicely with sausages and bacon.

Hilariously dubbed 'The Notorious P.I.B.' the cake costs £26 and serves 10 to 12 people.