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07th Jun 2018

If you receive this message from a friend on WhatsApp you need to delete it


This is spreading fast

Whatsapp might seem like good fun with all the great group chats you have, but sometimes it can lead to something more sinister.

A fake giveaway offering free Alton Towers tickets is spreading around the messaging service, with users complaining of receiving a torrent of spam messages linking through to malicious sites.

“Alton Towers is giving away 5 free tickets to 500 families,” reads the fraudulent text.

“We’re giving 5 free passes to 500 families to celebrate our 110nd birthday!” another.

The dead giveaway that it’s dodgy is the spelling and grammar because, as you’re probably aware, ‘110nd’ isn’t how it should read.

WhatsApp users who’ve received the message have been sharing the text with others on Twitter.

“We are aware of a ticket offer being shared on social media that claims to be from Alton Towers Resort,” a spokesperson for Alton Towers told The BBC.

“This is not a genuine offer, or in any way affiliated with Alton Towers.”