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24th May 2018

Get your best friend’s face temporarily tattooed on your body to show you care

Just tattoo of us <3


Finally! The product we’ve been screaming for since the beginning of time!

Forget about a phone with a battery that lasts longer than two hours. Forget about a cure for terminal illnesses. Forget about shoes that don’t give you blisters when you try to break them in. What the world needs right now, in the year of our Lord 2018, is personalised temporary tattoos.

Take your friendships to the next level by ordering a set of temporary tattoos with your mates’ faces on them. This makes perfect sense if you’re debating whether to get a permanent tattoo of your best mate’s face on your body, but want to get a feel it first. Think of it as a fun experimental game, if you want.


Simply head over to Etsy and order a minimum of 10 hand drawn portrait temporary tattoos and your friendships will instantly become unbreakable for the meagre price of just £54.

Why stop at friends, the artist will hand draw a portrait of anything you send their way. Maybe the cast of Friends, your crush, your primary school English teacher who always had lipstick on her teeth but also clumped at the sides of her mouth? The possibilities are truly endless.


A personalised temporary tattoo is a conversation starter, that’s for sure. There’s a whole world out there waiting to ask why you’ve got a fake tattoo of Gail Platt, rather than a real one or ideally, none at all.

This is an entirely normal and fun thing to do, especially if you’re insane. Sure, you can pretend to disguise it as #banter, but everyone will know that you’ve got some deep-rooted issues going on that honestly deserve a bit more attention than you’ve been giving them. Is this a cry for help? Yes. But it’s long overdue and truly for the best.

Get your temporary tattoos here.