British man rescued after getting lost in jungle for three days 4 months ago

British man rescued after getting lost in jungle for three days

Barry displayed some unreal survival skills

A British man was found in Thailand by local residents after going missing for three days in the mountains. Barry Weller had gone missing on Tuesday but was then found emerging from the jungle in the northeast of Thailand.


Weller walked out of the forest with scratches on his body, his shirt torn open and without his shoes.

Both Mr Weller and his wife Tawee Chaisaenrit, 49, were emotional when they were reunited at Dong Yen monastery. Mr Weller told his rescuers, "Thank you a million times."

Weller had set out on his motorcycle on Tuesday, Sky News reported. He had told his wife he wished to see the jungle and rice fields of the Khao Suan Kwang province. But Weller did not return.

His motorbike was found parked in a paddy field on Tuesday evening.

Weller has now filled in the missing parts of the story, saying that he wished to explore the jungle but got lost.


Because of a monsoon, Weller's view was obstructed considerably. The pensioner then tried to climb a tree in the hopes of seeing a sign of civilisation, but still, he could not find a way back.

He had survived the 35°C temperatures by using a piece of grass as a straw to drink rainwater from puddles and was luckily able to find some fruit to eat.

He said: "I’m wonderfully happy, I’ve never been so happy in my life. My feet are sore, otherwise, I’m happy. I’m hot but fine. I just admire the work that these people are doing, it makes me cry. They’re doing a good job."

Weller was checked over in hospital before returning home. Bear Grylls might have to up his tactics because Mr Weller is coming for his job.

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