Floyd Mayweather gives bizarre Instagram tour of his $10m mansion 1 year ago

Floyd Mayweather gives bizarre Instagram tour of his $10m mansion

Floyd 'Money' Mayweather wants to remind you that he's rich

Look, Floyd, we get it mate. You were arguably the best pound for pound fighter the world has ever known and, quite rightly, earned plenty of money for being so ridiculously good at it.


All this is fine. We don't begrudge anyone making a lot of money from being exceptionally talented at something, so fair play. Really, very well done. It does, however, get a little bit tedious when you have to remind us of this fact at every given opportunity...

We've grown used to the self-proclaimed 'Money' Mayweather talking about his wealth in recent years. He's by no means the only fighter guilty of this - we're looking at you and your very expensive watch, Conor McGregor - but just in case anyone needed a reminder (they definitely didn't), he treated his Instagram followers to a special tour of his mansion during a live stream.

Beginning in his very large garage, the 43-year-old kicks things off by showing off his fleet of cars, including multiple  Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maybach, and Rolls-Royce models. When done, he moves on to show his pool, a palatial hall and a living room with a "real sexy look".


There's then an unnecessarily long portion of the video spent showing him walk to a B&Q Warehouse-sized bathroom to apply moisturiser before the tour continues in a bedroom and then on to show off a fucking massive front door.

It's all really, really nice, to be fair. But is he truly happy? Does he even have any mates? Watching it just leaves us empty. Much like his big, sad house.


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