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20th Jan 2021

Michail Antonio pays £20k insurance after crashing Lamborghini while dressed as snowman

Simon Lloyd

That headline. Quite a lot to take in, isn’t it?

West Ham’s Michail Antonio has spoken for the first time about *that* car crash and the eye-watering amount he now has to shell out in insurance as a result.

For those not aware – and brace yourselves, because this is absolutely incredible – Antonio, dressed as a snowman at the time, lost control of his Lamborghini Huracan, crashing it into a bin shed in South London on Christmas Day in 2019.

Fortunately, nobody was injured in the crash, but it has caused Antonio a fair amount of trouble when it comes to insuring his current vehicle.

Talking about the crash and the financial consequences on the On The Judy Podcast, he explains: “The car holds the road so well, but as I’m going round the corner, it skids. I shit myself and slam on the brakes – the worst thing you can do on ice…

“I don’t even remember it, everything happened so [quickly], and then I’m seeing smoke coming out of the car. The engine’s in the back so I’m thinking the car’s going to blow up! The thing is, I’m in a snowman costume as well…”

He continued: “I was struggling to get insurance this year. No-one wanted to insure me!

“I had to go to a specialist insurance company, so my insurance this year is a madness! I’ve got a [Mercedes] G63 now. They were offering me £10,000 for an [Audi] A3 to insure, or get a G63 and pay double the price but get to drive a G63 instead of an A3.

“I’d rather pay £20,000 and drive a G63 rather than pay £10,000 and drive an A3.”