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09th Dec 2022

Brit quits his retail job and now makes £22k a month selling burps in jars and used socks

Steve Hopkins

‘I’m proof you can have a chubby belly and chest hair in this line of work’

An ex-retail worker says he is now making up to £22k a month on OnlyFans – by providing burps in sealed jars and sending used socks.

Curtis Gibbs has revealed some of the weird requests he gets on the adult subscription site, but says he doesn’t mind doing them – because he’s now living a different life.

The 25-year-old, from Wolverhampton, said he would make around £1,300 a month while working in retail, and had maxed out his credit cards.

Now, after committing himself to OnlyFans full-time, he says he makes up to £22,000 a month.

Curtis said: “I took the risk of quitting my full-time retail job to pursue OnlyFans instead – and almost tripled my monthly income in first month.

“The list is endless when it comes to strange requests. One guy wanted me to gulp down a bottle of Coca Cola, burp into a jar, seal the jar and post it to him.

“When I was working retail, the highest I’d get is £1,200 to £1,300 month – but with OnlyFans my highest month so far has been about £22,000.”

Curtis began posting on the adult site in 2018, but didn’t start taking it seriously as a career until he quit his job in November 2019.

He decided to try out posting on the site as a full-time job, and invested in creating a studio for himself – featuring a neon sign with his OnlyFans username.

As he began posting content more regularly, Curtis noticed his subscribers increasing – and by the end of the first month, he’d made nearly triple his monthly retail income.

He then used Twitter to promote his platform – amassing nearly 150,000 followers.

Curtis now gets requests including people asking for used underwear and wanting to buy his old trainers. Someone even wanted his bathwater – which Curtis says is a popular request on OnlyFans.

However, he says he puts his success down to his large manhood – believing without it he wouldn’t have been as popular or successful as a sex worker.

Curtis says he confidence is now through the roof and his mental health has improved.

“I’d worked in retail all my life and it got to the point where I’d had enough and couldn’t deal with human interaction anymore,” Curtis explained.

“I converted my spare bedroom into a content room and my first goal was to figure out a way to set myself aside from other content creators and find my own niche.

“When I was growing up my family didn’t have a lot of money, I effectively come from a council house with a low income, and now I can go on holidays and buy designer brands.

“I never forget my roots or where I come from, so I count my blessings every day really.”

When Curtis started his new career as a content creator he was in a lot of debt. He had maxed-out credit cards and loans to pay off and was “working full-time to have money for bills and travel to work”.

Curtis continued: “I’m not your average looking OnlyFans model – there’s not enough representation of chubby men in porn and sex work.

“I’m proof you can have a chubby belly and chest hair in this line of work.

“There’s so much stigma when it comes to OnlyFans – it needs to be normalised and looked at as a normal job, I now take my job as a sex worker very seriously.

“There are lots of decisions I’ve made over the years that I look back on and regret, but quitting retail and doing OnlyFans is certainly not one of them. As soon as I stated to embrace my body, my mental health improved as well.”

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