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ASOS have added a genius new feature that will change how you shop with them forever
This is amazing - the future is here!

Searching for clothes can be a ball ache - even on the internet.

Quite often you've already got an outfit or favourite top you love, and just want to find something similar to replace it with. You know what suits you and what doesn't. Be that a favourite colour or particular design.

The problem is that you have to sift through hundreds of items before finding a match.

Well, ASOS is about to change all of that because it has added a new feature that lets you upload a picture of an outfit and then ASOS will find matches to the outfit for you.

The tool is only available on the iOS app at the moment, but hopefully it'll be created for Android in the near future.

All you have to do is go onto the ASOS app, tap on the search bar and then click on the photo icon. Press that and choose a picture of the outfit that you want to find a match to.

ASOS will then suggest up to 100 copies or dupes for your outfit. Sorted.


Rich Jones, head of product at ASOS, explains: "It's hugely important for us to be where our customers are.

"We have lots of things in the pipeline that we want to explore. Visual search is just the first step in what we can do to make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for."

This is going to make life so much easier.

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