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19th Apr 2022

Amazing video shows how mobile phone stopped bullet from killing Ukrainian soldier

Danny Jones

Mobile phone stopped a bullet killing Ukrainian soldier

The incredible footage was shared across social media

In a truly incredible piece of footage from Ukraine‘s frontline, a soldier shows how his mobile phone stopped a bullet and seemingly saved his life.

The clip, which has since gone viral and been reshared thousands of times, shows two Ukrainian soldiers dug into a trench when one asks the other to reach into his pocket and show what’s left of the handy bit of hardware that stopped a stray bullet in its tracks.

Think it might be time for an upgrade.

As you can see, despite the extremely close call, the two seem in good spirits as the soldier who was shot at hands what looks to be a now-destroyed Samsung phone and the person recording then shows a close up of the bullet which penetrated the device.

Wrapped up in its case, the phone’s screen is entirely shattered but the bullet can be seen lodged in at a funny angle, having torn open the metal casing of the mobile itself.

Among lots of Nokia 3310 jokes (as was to be expected) alluding to the near-indestructible nature of that nostalgic device, many commenters on Reddit pointed out that – chances are – the bullet likely ricocheted off something else on its initial trajectory, impacting its velocity enough so that the numerous layers of metal, plastic and glass were enough to stop it ripping right through the phone and hitting the soldier.

While phones are regularly being left behind by Ukrainian fighters given their security risks when it comes to Russian intelligence, it’s safe to say the unidentified soldier will be glad he took his with him on this occasion.

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