Brits could face huge fine for weeing in the sea in Spain 4 days ago

Brits could face huge fine for weeing in the sea in Spain

Thinking about weeing in the sea? Think again

A popular Spanish resort has banned weeing in the sea - and if you are caught, fines could be up to £640. This new rule has come into force due to hygiene and sanitary regulations and joins a host of other restrictions that - if broken - could lead to holidaymakers getting a hefty fine.


Vigo, a coastal region in the Northwest of Spain, issued the ban which is meant to stop people from urinating on either the beach or in the sea. It is unclear as to how this ban will be enforced by police but it tourists have been warned to be on guard whenever they're taking a dip and feel like they need to go.

Public toilets are also due to be installed on beaches by the city council during the summer to prevent people from urinating in the sea.


beach in Spain ( credit: getty images) 

There are also several other rules that could lead to huge fines for travellers that unwittingly break them.

These includes barbecues being used at the beach, as well as if you leave any rubbish behind, including gas cylinders. In the medieval town of Salobreña, using a barbecue on the beach could mean facing fines of up to £2,400.

Meanwhile, walking to or from the beach on public streets in swimwear and nothing else could get you a fine of up to £250. According to The Sun, there have been already been reports from visitors to Barcelona and Majorca who have claimed to have received penalties for walking around without tops on.


So Brits, make sure to look up the rules before going to the beach in Spain this summer - as fines this large could ruin a perfectly good holiday.

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