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09th May 2022

Four million Brits advised to check passports today over summer holiday warning

Danny Jones

Millions of Brits urged to check urged to check passports

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More than four million holidaymakers could see their summer plans in jeopardy as Brits are being urged to check their passports.

Monday, May 9 is the deadline for the estimated 10-week passport renewal window for anyone wanting to jet abroad when kids break up for the summer holidays on around July 18.

Beyond this deadline, anyone with an out-of-date passport would not receive their new documentation in time for when the school bell rings and calls time until next term.

Moreover, travelling without a valid passport is against the law and most European countries now require British travellers to have a passport which is valid for at least three months after the date they intend to leave the EU country they are visiting, so make sure to be double-checking your issue and expiry dates.

According to statistics obtained from the UK Passport Office, almost 7% of the UK’s total population (approximately four million people) will see their documents expire before July 18.

Many outlets warned of massive delays in passport applications last month, with the process reportedly being delayed by covid-19 as the travel industry is yet to fully recover from lockdown.

Moreover, airport queues at major terminals in Heathrow, Manchester, Birmingham and more had been predicted to last months and while the chaos now seems to have calmed down, it’s clear the sector’s resources are still limited post-pandemic.

If you’re looking to get away in time for the kids being off and the sun out in full force, you best get on it now: you can find the link for the passport renewal process here.

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