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01st Jan 2022

Sex expert suggests daily masturbation to avoid depressing dry January blues

Simon Bland


Sex expert also claims that autoeroticism has mental health benefits too

A British sex expert has suggested a strict daily masturbation regiment in order to keep the depressing, dry January blues at bay this month.

In an attempt to help make your dry January a little… erm, wetter… Clinical Sexologist Ness Cooper is encouraging folks to get frisky with themselves for the next 31 days straight. The idea behind this very hands-on concept is that masturbation can keep seasonal depression at bay during what has been labelled as statistically the most depressing month of the year.

As if that wasn’t enough bold-thinking for the first day of 2022, Cooper also claims that relieving a little tension every now and then also has untold mental health benefits and that whenever you feel your mood dropping, you should give yourself a little tune up.

Speaking to Jam Press via the New York Post, Cooper explained that the idea of her 31 day masturbation schedule is “to focus on spending time with yourself and get to know your body.”

Her claims are backed by independent research conducted by sexual wellness brand plusOne which showed that self-love does indeed have multiple benefits for both body and mind.

As we continue to grapple with the frustratingly vague anxieties linked to the ongoing pandemic, perhaps Cooper’s advice could be just the thing we need to start the new year on the right foot – or should that be hand?

“If you’re not someone who masturbates every day, start off using a combination of mindfulness and basic touch,” she advised.

“Get yourself in a relaxed state and become aware of the sensations going through your body,” explained Cooper, before assuring readers that there’s much more to this habit that reaching a satisfying climax.

“There’s so much more to masturbation than just orgasms. I know there are people who can’t orgasm due to physical reasons, and they can still later develop methods of achieving an orgasm-like sensation by either finding a new erogenous zone on their body or diving deeper into their mind.”

Cooper also went on to detail the various different techniques people use in order to relax and get off, including the classics – like sex toys – and more left-field options – like audio pornography.

“Lots of women find audio porn very helpful, hearing the noises and imagining the situation to get them in the mood… but what’s really important is to focus your mind on the situation you’re in and allow yourself to truly switch off and concentrate on you,” she told the outlet.

When it comes to the science behind the self-love, plusOne’s research revealed that 64 per cent of women who regularly masturbated admitted to feeling less worried or anxious, while 70 per cent of women said they felt feelings of depression or hopelessness disappear whenever their sex schedule increased.

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