PUBG is suing Fortnite for copyright infringement 4 years ago

PUBG is suing Fortnite for copyright infringement

The developer of PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against the creator of Fortnite

PUBG Corp. has started legal proceedings against Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite, in an effort to establish whether or not the game copied PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds.


The suit was filed in the Seoul Central District Court in January against Epic Games Korea, a PUBG Corp. representative told the Korea Times.

In the past PUBG Corp. have had "concerns" about "structural replication" in Fortnite, as well as UI and gameplay similarities, but this is the first legal challenge between the two games.

PUBG previously enjoyed a battle royale monopoly, but Fortnite has challenged its position in the market. The free to download game churns massive microtransaction revenue, turning over $300 million in April alone.


PUBG creator Brendan Greene had previously told The Verge Fortnite is good for the battle royale genre overall: "It's great that the battle royale space is expanding and Fortnite is getting battle royale game mode in the hands of a lot more people."

An Epic Games representative told GameSpot: "We don't comment on ongoing litigation."