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23rd Sep 2019

Forcing someone called Kyle to play Kyle Simulator

Wayne Farry

We all know a Kyle, if we’re lucky at least

Do you have a Kyle in your life? Someone who is tall, handsome, probably had a colour in their hair at one point and a long, sad, side fringe? Someone who has – on more than one occasion in their lives – punched a hole in their bedroom wall and continues to drink Monster energy drink like its some kind of heroin water? Of course you do.

If you don’t, then do not fear. You can simply go out and befriend someone called Kyle by luring them into your domicile with some high sugar liquid and the promise of a smooth, unblemished wall.

Or if that is too much trouble for you, you can play a computer game called Kyle Simulator, in which you get to simulate what your life would be like if your name was Kyle.

After its release, we got an actual person called Kyle – JOE’s very own Kyle Picknell – to play it and tell us how it weighs up to being an actual person named Kyle.