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26th Jul 2022

Game where you run around as a stray cat has become the highest-rated release of 2022

Danny Jones

Stray review highest rated game of 2022

Who hasn’t wanted to live the life of a cat before?

The recently released PlayStation game Stray, where you play as a lost cat running around a futuristic city, has become the highest rated title of 2022 in the week since its release.

Created by indie developer BlueTwelve, the unlikely game of the year contender is not only the studio’s first release but has now topped the Steam charts as the best game of 2022 with a score of 8.61 (98%) with 46,244 user votes in just a little over a week.

Not only has it achieved this impressive feat in such a short space of time but, according to score aggregator Steam250, it also managed to do so by beating out God of War, 2018’s GOTY and with nearly 7,000 less votes, no less.

Like God of War, Stray is a PlayStation exclusive on console and while it remains to be see how impressive the numbers are on its native platform, it’s reach on PC as well has surprised everyone including the producer Swann Martin-Raget, who told GAMINGbible: “We were not prepared and we still are not!

In fact, the cute kitten caper broke the record for publisher Annapurna Interactive’s most concurrent players on Steam by a margin of more than 50,000 just hours after its release, maxing out at 62,963 PC players on day one alone.

For anyone who hasn’t gotten their paws on the wholesome feline adventure yet, you take control of an unnamed stray cat who must explore a neon-soaked cybercity inhabited entirely by mysterious robots.

The gameplay involves lots of travel, coded dialogue and puzzle-solving as you avoiding poisonous creatures who appear to have caused some kind of plague, all while trying to unravel the mysteries of this apocalyptic world like a ball of yarn.

And before you ask, yes you scratch things, meow at will, be stroked by NPCs and even take a cat nap if you like. Pawsome.

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