Resident Evil series is so 'awful' people want it removed from Netflix after just one week 3 weeks ago

Resident Evil series is so 'awful' people want it removed from Netflix after just one week

'There literally are episodes of spongebob with better pacing'

Reviews for the Resident Evil TV series are in and they're so bad that people actually want the whole thing removed from Netflix.


The new action-horror thriller based off the iconic Capcom game series of the same name - which spans nearly 30 games total, with 10 core titles across a 26-year history - dropped on the streaming platform on July 14 and is being review-bombed so bad that people actually think it should be taken down from Netflix's catalogue entirely.



The show is currently sitting at just 49 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes, with an even lower audience score of just 26. Yeesh.

Despite starring some familiar faces such The Wire's Lance Reddick - no stranger to gaming-related roles thanks to his turns in Castlevania and Destiny 2: Forsaken - and Ella Balinska from the 2019 reboot of Charlie's Angels, it would seem fans have very little positive to say about this new spin on Raccoon City.

Some have gone far as to call it simply "unwatchable" and accused Netflix of repeatedly "screwing up" series, films and other adaptations of existing storylines/IPs.


People are so stunned by the perceived lack of quality that many are going back and looking at the Resident Evil movies more fondly, much like the recent retrospective appreciation for the Star Wars prequels.

Starring Milla Jovovich, the film series may not have set the world alight but the franchise still ran for six films over 14 years and boasted a better audience reception each time than Netflix's debut take on this gaming institution.


We know that the likes of The Witcher have performed well and that Sony has their own Horizon Zero Dawn series in the works but this is just yet another example of history proving time and time again that adapting games into movies and TV shows is never simple as it sounds.

Meanwhile, HBO has given a recent update on the status of their The Last of Us TV show.

Please don't let that one be rubbish too.

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