New open-world Black Panther game reportedly in the works 2 weeks ago

New open-world Black Panther game reportedly in the works

An open-world Wakanda? Don't mind if we do

A new open-world Black Panther game is reportedly in the works over at EA, according to reports following this year's raft of Comic-Con reveals.


The as yet to be fully confirmed project was revealed by GameSpot and Giant Bomb's Jeff Grubb, who stated that the upcoming videogame adaptation of the character will be an open-world, single-player game and is currently known only as 'Project Ranier'.

Grubb goes on to explain that the game is likely the flagship release for EA's fledgling new studio in Seattle, with names of former Monolith and Bungie executives already said to be signed up and focusing on single-player experiences.

Single-player Black Panther game EA Credit: Square Enix/Marvel - Black Panther in Marvel's Avengers DLC and in the first film

Much like the release of the trailer for Black Panther sequel, Wakanda Forever dropping on Sunday revealed, the as yet untitled game is said to deal with the events following the previous Black Panther's death, though it is unclear whether this game will revolve around T'Challa or indeed a previous/subsequent iteration.

However, Grubb and co-host Mike Williams both suggest that this game could see the player create their own character rather than basing the story around existing characters from the movies or the comics - though they did add it would be strange to see a white character parading around as the Black Panther.

The pair go on to discuss how EA have clearly taken a step back and looked at the success of single-player focused games like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (the trailer for its sequel releasing back in May) and Marvel are also clearly looking to experiment with who delivers their beloved comic book and movie IPs.


So far, their hit ratio has been fairly patchy; whilst Insomniac's Spider-Man games have proved to be a hit over on PlayStation - with a Wolverine adaptation also on the way - and the Guardians of the Galaxy game was a surprising success, the live-service mess that was the Avengers game from Square Enix proved that not everything MCU is guaranteed to perform or even sell well.

Speaking of Marvel's Avengers, we got our first proper taste of the character as part of the War for Wakanda DLC, which also gave players a chance to run around a much more limited and linear version of the fictional country.

That being said, while it was enjoyable for some audiences, the overall expansion received the same middling reception as the fully-fledged title it was included in, so fans will be hoping for an improvement this time around.


We hope this report is true because we can't wait to get running around an fully-realised futuristic city and the rest of the Wakandan landscape.

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