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06th Nov 2019

Would you taste a Wigan Kebab?

Joe Gilmore

What is a Wigan Kebab? Or a pey wet?

These are all good questions and may not make sense to you unless you frequent or are from Wigan in Greater Manchester.

Every region in every country has their own delicacies which delight and confuse in equal measure. London (east, in particular) is famously fond of jellied eels, something which would repulse a large number of people.

The Wigan Kebab takes two things that sound familiar – ‘Wigan’ and ‘kebab’ – and turn them into something that is hardly the thing you pictured initially.

A Wigan Kebab is not actually a kebab and is in fact a pie inside a bap. Yeah, it sounds fucking brilliant.

We sent one very large man down to try one, and here’s what he thought.