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25th Jul 2018

Wilko’s pick and mix is half price all this week, so get stuck in


Get in

It is a scientific fact that sweets taste better when instead of being in a regular packet, you scoop it up with a big plastic shovel and dump it into a cardboard tub.

Actually, if they really want kids to eat healthy stuff, they should serve it like pick and mix – kale and quinoa would be loads more attractive if it was in those clear plastic draws.

But they don’t serve veg like that – it is fizzy cola bottles and white chocolate mice and those long red laces. They are quintessential part of a any multiplex experience, and anyone old enough to remember the glory days of Woolworths will also have fond memories of them.

Anyone, enough digressions. Wilko -in many ways the true 21st century successor to Woolsworths – are selling their pick and mix for half price. The deal runs until 28th July, so be quick.

All the different sizes are half price.

Personally, Pick and Mix should always be sold by weight, not size, and anything else is wrong. But we’ll make an exception for cheap sweets.