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25th Oct 2023

Two-year-old shocks mum by ordering 31 McDonald’s cheeseburgers on delivery app

Joseph Loftus

‘He actually doesn’t even like cheeseburgers’

Two-year-old Barrett Burkhalter Golden is the new cheeseburger king of the world.

How, you ask, because while using his mum’s phone, the toddler ordered 31 cheeseburgers from McDonalds and even tipped.

While playing on his mum, Kelsey’s, phone, Barrett used DoorDash and ordered $61 worth of McDonalds and gave a $16 tip.

Posting about the incident on Facebook, Kelsey said that she thought her son was just taking photos of himself.

She said: “He was really just flicking it around and making like roller coaster moves with his arms and fingers.

“I thought he was just looking at his reflection and carrying the phone around and about 30 minutes later, I got a text from the DoorDash company that was like, hey, it’s gonna take a little bit longer than usual to take your order.”

Kelsey said that she was confused by the message but figured she may have ordered lunch for her two other kids to their school (where she works) and forgotten about it.

She wrote: “I even called my admin and was like, ‘Hey, I’m not here today, but apparently I ordered DoorDash so you could keep a lookout for him’.”

Just as someone from the school let her know that the kids’ order didn’t arrive, a delivery driver knocked on Golden’s door at home.

“So I go and open the door and there’s this girl standing there and she’s like, ‘Your 31 cheeseburgers?'” Golden laughed. “I just stared at her awkwardly for like 15 seconds but then I just took them, like, ‘Oh, thank you!'”

She added: “And she was like, ‘Thank you for the tip!’ Oh, boy. So I went in and I checked my phone. And sure enough, the order was placed at the exact time that he was playing with the phone.”

But the funniest part, little Barrett doesn’t even like cheeseburgers.

She said: “He actually doesn’t even like cheeseburgers. He ate half of one. We had about 30 and a half cheeseburgers on our hands.”

Instead of force-feeding her children enough burgers to help a heavyweight boxer make weight, she posted in a local Facebook group asking if anyone wanted to call by for a free burger.

Kelsey was fortunately able to give a few away to a large family, some to her neighbours, and another to a pregnant mum.

Kelsey added that Barrett isn’t a “boy genius” but that the whole thing was an innocent accident.

I don’t know about that, he sure looks pleased with himself.

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