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20th Apr 2017

This Birds Eye fish finger sandwich is perhaps the worst fish finger sandwich ever made

This... is so wrong


The fish finger sandwich is a simple pleasure, with emphasis on the word ‘simple’.

At its core, a good fish finger sandwich should consist of a) bread and b) fish fingers. Butter that bread if you want, and a hearty dollop of ketchup is most certainly advised.

That’s really about it. You might get some tartar sauce and a bit of lettuce if you’re eating in a gastropub, but anything else added to these core elements is needless perversion.

Then allow us to present to you, the sandwich king of needless perversion, this:

What the fuck is this?

There are olives in this fish finger sandwich. There are jalapeños in this fish finger sandwich. There appear to be tomatoes and maybe even peppers in this fish finger sandwich.

This fish finger sandwich is made with toasted granary bread. There is another, whole jalapeño next to this fish finger sandwich. The fish fingers themselves appear to be gluten free, which may explain their anaemic appearance, but in no way excuses it.

This is some dark shit. This is not good.

For reference, here’s what a fish finger sandwich should look like:

Fish fingers + buttered bread = bliss. Whap a bit of Tommy K on there and you’re laughing. But not with Birds Eye’s fish finger sandwich.

Only tears.