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09th Oct 2019

The man who makes Irn-Bru doughnuts

Wayne Farry

Scotland loves Irn-Bru

As a nation, Scotland has some little quirks that are nothing but charming. Their football league has provided all of us with hour-after-hour of hilarity, they have a special way with swearwords, and they absolutely love an orange-coloured carbonated drink that the rest of the world has yet to fall in love with.

That drink is Irn-Bru, and it is a Scottish institution. The Scots absolutely love it, and one Scot has decided to use the drink to make some other culinary marvels.

Peter Gilchrist runs a blog called Tenement Kitchen, and he came up with the novel idea of using the flavour of Irn-Bru on doughnuts. By reducing the drink down to a syrup, Gilchrist has created a very Scottish version of one of the world’s most loved pastries.

Is it up there with the peculiar delight of a deep-fried Mars bar? You’ll have to taste it to find out.