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04th Dec 2018

This Scottish takeway is doing a full deep-fried Christmas dinner


Hark! the herald angels sing

God bless Scotland. The nation never met a food it couldn’t deep-fry.

We recently had the deep-fried Mars bar calzone, and this Godzilla-sized takeaway box.

But we are in the festive season now. You would think it is not the time for such takeaway meals. But you would be wrong.

How about a whole Christmas dinner, deep-fried?

That’s what April’s Plaice in Fife is selling.

It includes turkey, roast potatoes, pigs-in-blankets, carrots, and sprouts, all battered and deep-fried.

It also comes with gravy and a mince pie.

It cost just £8, and is available until Christmas Eve.

Speaking to The Scotsman, owner James James Ellinsworth said “I tried deep frying the mince pie but it didn’t go very well.”

“We are giving people the option of turkey or chicken, and I’ve found people tend to prefer chicken,” he continued.

“But we sold out of turkey at the weekend. People end up overindulging in turkey over Christmas.”

They are made to order, and they have already sold over 20 during the first weekend of it being on sale.