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14th Oct 2021

Salt Bae’s restaurant charges £5k tip as part of eye-watering final receipt

Charlie Herbert

Salt bae

The diner’s bill ended up being more than the UK’s average salary

A diner at Salt Bae’s London restaurant has been left stunned after having a service charge of almost £5,000 added to his bill.

After spending £37,023.10 at the Nusr-et venue in Knightsbridge, the diner shared a picture of the bill on his Snapchat, circling the 15 per cent service charge at the bottom which totalled £4,829.10.

The caption on the snap accused internet icon Nusret Gökçe – a.k.a. Salt Bae – of “taking the piss.”

Credit: Reddit

There’s an argument to say that everything on that bill is “taking the piss” though. £12 for mashed potato? £18 for some asparagus? £11 for a Red Bull?!

And we don’t care how good it is or how well it’s cooked – a steak can never possibly be worth £850.

The diner enjoyed his expensive meal at the restaurant last Friday (October 8), before sharing his disgust at the service charge on his Snapchat. He then took a screenshot of his receipt and shared it on Reddit.

The group was reportedly made up of four people but so much about this bill is just downright bizarre.

To start with, they ordered just one steak between them, with the majority of the meal clearly being made up of sides like asparagus, broccoli and mashed potato. They then forked out £600 on a ridiculous 20 portions of baklava.

In fact, just £1536 of the bill was spent on food, with the rest being spent on crazy bottles of wine – and randomly, a single Red Bull.

The prices at Salt Bae’s restaurant have been met with utter bafflement by many ever since it opened but that hasn’t stopped a lot of very wealthy people going there to have slices of gold-covered steak dropped into their mouths.

The moral of the story? Don’t go to a ridiculously expensive restaurant and be surprised when the bill you’re slapped with is ridiculously expensive.

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