McDonald's has just made all your chicken nugget dreams come true 3 years ago

McDonald's has just made all your chicken nugget dreams come true

A 20 box just isn't enough

Ah, the chicken nugget. Just about the only thing you can rely on these days, aren't they? A beacon of consistency, they've never really changed. Nor should they. Nor do they need to.


They're like Andres Iniesta, chicken nuggets. As the world around them constantly changes and evolves, they just, kind of, remain, as tasty and as intrinsically good as ever.

McDonald's know this, and they know that their current offering of nugs - in portions of 6, 9 and 20 - is perhaps slightly underwhelming given the nation's vast, infinite love for the elongated chicken globules.

So what they have done is, they've put a shit load of them in a bucket, and that is what they are going to serve you now. 48 nuggets in a bucket. No longer will you have to order two shareboxes and one of those pathetic little bags of nine nuggets to get your requisite 50 nugs in. Oh no. You can now just get this bucket, this bucket full of nugs. This bucket full of 48 nuggies.


Stare deep into it, the endless bucket of nugs, and this is probably what you see:

Hypnotic, in a way, the eternal sea of nugs.

This is what it looks like from the outside:


The thing is though, and I hate to tell you this, but the 48 nug bucket is...


Only available in Japan. Sorry. Sorry that all the nuggets in a bucket you want are all the way over in Japan.

The reason being that it is a weird chicken-based collaboration with the Japanese girl group NGT48, which, yeah, is a band/choir/something with 48 members, for whatever reason.

Live out your wildest fantasies, then, by booking a flight to Japan, hitting up a dystopian Tokyo Maccies for a gigantic portion of nuggets and then sit there, alone, slowly devouring them one by one whilst crying to the sweeping, emotional music of NGT48, crying and chewing, chewing and crying, crying and chewing as the nuggets are slowly replaced by your tears as the bucket refills with little drops of happiness and sorrow.

48 nuggets in a bucket. A. 48. Nugget. Bucket.

Have a good day. Have a really good day.