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25th Apr 2017

McDonald’s have extremely good news about home deliveries in the UK

Paul Moore

Game changer.

A few weeks ago, we told you that McDonald’s were toying with the idea of introducing a home delivery service in the UK. 

Well, if you’re a fan of Micky D’s, The Telegraph are reporting that the fast food giant are aiming to introduce their delivery service by June.

McDonald’s UK chief executive, Paul Pomroy, has said that the company “will start with a delivery service from the right number of sites that gives us scale. I expect we will take a similar approach to the way we rolled out our app, starting small, learning quickly and scaling up very quickly.”

In an interview with Sky News, Pomroy provided more details. ” We think we’re going to start probably in June. We’ll start in a small, controlled way. We serve 3.7 million people per day so you can’t go from one store to 1,300 quickly without causing disruption “So I need to make sure we can manage taking delivery in the UK but it’s exciting for the business and the brand,” he said.

Pomroy adds: “The customer will tell us what’s the right proposition – what they’re willing to pay for delivery.We looked at other brands that already do delivery. We’re not the first to deliver. But we want to be a follower that does it in the right way. So if you order a Big Mac meal at home, then you want to feel that you’ve been well treated in terms of the price and the way it’s been delivered.”

The more important news though is that McDonald’s will now offer all of their employees the opportunity to move off a zero-hours contract – if the employees want to.

Pomroy says : “We survey our people and one of the things they told me was that in the current climate getting things like mobile phone contracts, car loans and mortgages was getting tougher. Financial regulations have changed and people wanted the choice. I listened to that and yes, it was time that I moved forward. So we now offer people flexible contract where they can select different hours.”

If you’ve become friendly with your neighbourhood McDonald’s staff, it’s unlikely that they’ll be appearing on your doorstep because it appears that the actual deliveries will be handled by an external company – Uber Eats and Deliveroo have been mentioned.

If you still prefer the human touch over home delivery, you might be surprised to see the McDonald’s staff wearing new uniforms as you wait on your food.

It appears that grey is the new black.

So, what about that home delivery ?