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02nd Oct 2020

KFC is bringing back the Double Down for a very limited time

It's back, baby!

Rich Cooper

The KFC Double Down is making a sensational return to the UK, but it’s not hanging around forever

Do you like your sandwiches to be made primarily of bread? What century are you from, pal? Why would you have two slices of bread when you can have two tasty bits of chicken instead?

That’s right sports fans, the KFC Double Down is back. Or rather, it’s coming back very soon: Monday October 5th, to be precise.

If you want to get your hands on one, you’d better be quick, as the Double Down will be on sale for six weeks. The sandwich will vanish back into the ether on Sunday 15th November, so put that date in your diaries, Double Down fans.

If you’re not familiar with the Double Down, it’s two deep fried chicken fillets acting as a sandwich, with a tasty filling of bacon, cheese and barbecue sauce.

Wrap your eyes around this.

It’s quite a thing, isn’t it?

You’ll be able to get an individual Double Down for £4.99, or make that into a meal with fries and a drink for £5.99. You can also get a Double Down in a box meal, which gets you a bonus piece of chicken for £7.49.

Fans may remember the Zinger Double Down, which was also a huge hit, offering fans a spicier take on the classic (can we call it a classic now? Probably) Double Down.

In addition to the Double Down, KFC is also bringing back the Wow Box, which gets you a fillet burger, a piece of chicken and fries for a mere £3.50. There’s no drink included, but that’s a heck of a deal no matter which way you swing it.

To get yourself a Double Down or a Wow Box – or indeed both, if you’re so inclined – just head to your nearest KFC restaurant or get it on Uber Eats.