It turns out the way we've been storing peanut butter is totally wrong 5 years ago

It turns out the way we've been storing peanut butter is totally wrong

Peanut butter is hugely popular at the moment, with many health enthusiasts putting it in their porridge, on toast, as part of recipes or just eating a dollop of it.

The brown stuff is brilliant because it's vegan-friendly, relatively low in calories and its moreish texture always keeps you a little bit fuller for longer, all the while you're getting those much-needed vitamins from those nuts.


We've already learnt how to store milk properly in the fridge but it turns out there's a certain way to store your jar of peanut butter to get the best flavour out of it.


According to PureWowthere's a certain way that you should be storing your jar of peanut butter.


As there's oil in your jar of peanut butter, sometimes the nuttiness settles at the bottom while the oil settles at the part, meaning that as you progress through your jar the bottom of it can be dry and sticking to the bottom which is hard to get out.

Instead of stirring the peanut butter as if your life depended on it every time you take it out of the cupboard, it's recommended that you store your jar upside down on the shelf.

Leaving the jar upside down (tightly screwed of course) ensures that the oil runs through the jar equally, not leaving you with oily stuff at the top nor sticky residue at the very end.

We'll do anything to savour every last mouthful of that glorious golden peanut butter...