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23rd Apr 2020

How to make cacio e pepe like a real Roman


cacio e pepe

Are you a bad cook?

If you have the time and the means during lockdown then there really is not much of an excuse to not get at least a little bit better at cooking. The internet is awash with good recipes for your to try out and eventually perfect, so you emerge to society as someone whose house is actually worth going to for a dinner party.

But if you’re lucky enough to know someone who’s a really good cook, why not combine your cooking with some much needed social interaction, and have them show you how to make a dish over Skype.

Aurore is one of those lucky people, because her friend Fabiana is an actual Italian who knows how to make delicious homemade pasta. The two have already co-operated on making their own gnocchi and pizza, but now they’re trying a specific and very special dish.

That dish is cacio e pepe, a classic Roman dish, and all you need to make it is pasta, cheese and pepper. Here’s how you can make it at home.