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27th Sep 2023

Heinz launches tomato ketchup pasta sauce inspired by controversial combination

Charlie Herbert

Heinz launches tomato ketchup pasta sauce for fans of controversial combination

Nobody tell the Italians

Heinz has launched a brand new limited edition tomato ketchup pasta sauce, inspired by those who love ketchup on their pasta.

It’s a combination that many of you will probably be disgusted by the thought of, whilst for others of you it will bring back memories of being a broke student at university.

In fact, a survey of 2,000 Brits found that less than a quarter believe ketchup on pasta (24 per cent) is an acceptable combination, with 59 per cent of people thinking it’s downright wrong.

But this hasn’t stopped Heinz from launching their new limited edition Tomato Ketchup Pasta Sauce.

Before you get too angry about this, fear not – this is not just ketchup in jar.

The condiment makes up 10 per cent of the sauce, which is 84 per cent tomato sauce puree. The rest of the jar is made up of traditional pasta sauce ingredients such as herbs and olive oil, so ketchup is far from the dominant flavour.

The sauce is 10 per cent ketchup (Heinz)

Those most likely to barbarically dump ketchup on their pasta were 18-34 year olds.

And eight per cent of those asked in the survey said they regularly have the dish.

These people walk amongst us, watch out for them.

Speaking about the controversial sauce, Heinz new ventures director Caio Fontenele said: “Never say never! Whether ketchup was originally intended to go on pasta or not, we couldn’t help but listen to the love our fans share on social media for the combination.

“So, we’ve brought together our Heinz Pasta Sauce and Heinz Tomato Ketchup to give you the pasta sauce we’ve all been dreaming of. While some might say it’s ridiculously wrong, we think it’s simply, ridiculously good.”

The new Heinz Tomato Ketchup Pasta Sauce is available at Tesco nationwide or from from October 4for four weeks only at an RRP of £2.50.

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