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18th Sep 2018

Heinz could be about to bring Mayochup to the UK


We are about to see democracy in action

Wowza, the news cycle sure does move fast, doesn’t it? It was only this morning that we reported on how Mayochup has been launched in America. At the time we said to keep your ears to the ground here in the UK and lookie-here the condiment gods have already answered your call.

Heinz has got in touch with JOE to tell us they’re running a poll on whether the product should be brought to the UK. It follows a similar vote in the USA, which received almost a million votes and led to its being brought out.

For anyone wondering what exactly Mayochup is – and, frankly, to state the obvious – the product in a combination of Heinz ketchup and Heinz mayo. It’s also known as fry sauce and something you’ve no doubt created a DIY version of in the past.

Given the response the product has received on Twitter it’s pretty safe to say it will be coming to British shores pretty soon.

A spokesperson for Heinz said: “We are massively excited about the possibility of Mayochup being enjoyed on the nation’s dinner plates, so would encourage everyone to head to our Twitter page to take part in the vote.”

Vote on whether you’d like to see the product brought to the UK here: